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Raised on an Island in the Pacific Northwest, I'm your average 32 year old hostess/server turned entrepreneur.  It's just me, my husband and our two dogs.  This journey began in 2020 when everything shut down and I was out of work for 30 days.  I had always strived for something more, a creative outlet that would allow me to help others.  After a bunch of wonderful online courses and self teaching, came Island Road Creative.  The road to get here was full of ups and downs, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Riley & tommy 

Husband & i

A little about me...

*cue the early 2000's jams* because if my life had theme music...that'd be it.

When I'm not busy on my computer, my time is spent with friends and family either curling up to netflix, playing video games, or out adventuring. Especially anywhere where I can jump in the water.

I'll never say no to a glass of wine or an old fashioned at the end of the day.

You'll basically always catch me dancing it out in my car or my kitchen, bumping old music (I mean old for me...again with the early 2000's) OR you'll find me shoving popcorn in my face binge watching/listening to crime podcasts and documentaries.

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