the somero project

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Website Design + Blog Page Design
Social Media Integration, Video Incorporation. Donation Page, Sponsorship Page

"Amanda was so wonderful from the start of our project up to the end of it. Her clear guidance on what the process would look like, and thorough direction made her easy to work with. She set clear expectations on what she would need from us, along with what we could expect from her, and she followed through on that every step of the way. I promise that if you choose to work with Amanda, you will not regret it. " - Becky

la conner seafood & prime rib

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Website Design, Social Media Integration, Photo Galleries, Catering/Reservation Inquiry Pages

Island inflatables wa

Website Design, Booqable Integration, Social Media Integration, Contact Page.

"From the very beginning, Amanda exhibited a high level of professionalism that immediately put me at ease. Even though I know Amanda outside of business, I really respected the fact that she kept this entire process professional. She was prompt, organized, and demonstrated a clear understanding of my vision. Her attention to detail and web design skills were evident from our initial discussions." - Marri

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awen bodywork

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Website Design, Social Media Integration, Booking & Gift Card Integration, Contact Page

"Amanda is an absolute joy to work with. She made certain that it was my vision, my dream, and my identity that were expressed through the design of my website. She is extremely talented and has a keen eye for detail and design that make for a refined and professional product. And to top it off, she has a great personality that is extremely easy to work with. If you want to impress prospective clients, customers, or patrons with your wed design...Amanda is your key!"- Natalie

adhoc special events

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Website Design, Social Media Integration, Contact / Inquiry Form

"You are such a gem! And so patient. I’m so impressed with your work! Putting your brand in the hands of someone else is always scary, but there’s no one I’d rather trust!! The process was easy, you explained things very well. " - Paterson

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Raised on an island in the PNW, I am a server + hostess turned web designer. Long story short? I've finally found my passion. I finally found out how to combine helping and connecting with others + my love for digital design and the online space and turn it into a thriving business. These last 3 years since beginning my journey with my business has been life changing.  And my goal is to help change yours as well.


I'm Amanda.

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